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Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 for Rails 4 Asset Pipeline

Howtoincreasetwittersfollowers.info how to increase twitters followers Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. get more followers on twitter free It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails Asset Pipeline (Rails 4, 3.1, 3.2 are supported)Twitter Bootstrap Basics in this episode you will learn how to include Bootstrap into Rails application with the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem. More on Twitter Bootstrap in this episode continues on the Bootstrap project showing how to display flash messages, add form validations with SimpleForm, customize layout with variables, and switch to using Sass.An example application is available at toadkicker/teststrap. You can view it running on heroku here. Contributions welcome.The Twitter Bootstrap Rails gem can provide the Bootstrap stylesheets in two ways.The plain CSS way is how Bootstrap is provided on the official website.The Less way provides more customization options, like changing theme colors, and provides useful Less mixins for your code, but requires the Less gem and the Ruby Racer Javascript runtime (not available on Microsoft Windows).Bootstrap was built with Preboot, an open-source pack of mixins and variables to be used in conjunction with Less, a CSS preprocessor for faster and easier web development.If you would like to restore the default Glyphicons, inside the bootstrap_and_overrides.css.less remove the FontAwesome declaration and uncomment the line.If you want to customize what is loaded, your application.js would look something like this.

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Twitter Bootstrap 3 in a Rails 4 Application

Over the past few days while working through a proof of concept web application. I was searching for a way to incorporate Twitter Bootstrap 3 as it will decrease my interface development time. get more twitter followers free Twitter Bootstrap 3 was released within the past few weeks so support from a gem was out of the question. I did try a few of the gems that were out there but most don’t support Bootstrap 3. The end solution was to add Bootstrap 3 manually, which is quite easy.I came accross a Stack Overflow suggestion of just uploading the folders of assets you need to the vendor folder in your Rails application structure. Which surprisingly was easy and worked; no need to manage what version of a gem I need, etc.Simply, Download Twitter Bootstrap 3. In the downloaded archive you will see a ‘dist’ folder which will house the css, javascripts, and fonts folders we will want to copy to our Rails application vendor/assets/ directory.Now if you run your application you can see the assets will load properly. One of the issues I ran into while adding glyphicons was that they wouldn’t load. Digging further I found the font files weren’t being requested by the application.Now we need to update the bootrap.css file (you’ll likely need to update the bootstrap.min.css file as a result, too), search for @font-face with your text editor and update the paths to the font urls to include /assets/glyphicons-halfings-regular.* (include the file extension).You want to change each of these resource locations to /assets/glyphicons-halfings-regular.Refresh or restart your Rails server and you should be up and running with glyphicons and Bootstrap 3 without the need of a gem.

How to create a new rails app with twitter bootstrap

I prefer the sass original syntax over the new scss. And I don’t want to loose the awesome CSS3 mixins. buy twitter followers When you google, you’ll find many articles and almost all have different hacks to implement. But as of today, those load paths hacks are not necessary when I tried to use the compass and twitter-bootstrap.About a month ago, Mike McCabe and I discovered a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability within a Rails application we were developing. This was surprising because our application had a very small footprint and included no explicit calls to .html_safe or .raw. Eventually, we were able to track this vulnerability down to the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem we were using.Within our application, we are using the bootstrap_flash helper method for rendering flash messages passed within the application, similar to the example code below.In our controller, we have the desire to use flash messages to pass error conditions back to the user. These messages often contain user input.Typically, Rails developers will process error messages within the application layout by iterating over each item in the flash array and printing within a div tag.Using the previous method and native Rails flash functionality, any user input is automatically HTML encoded.If we look at the HTML source, we will see that the input is converted to the HTML entities equivalent and is displayed within the browser instead of being rendered. Unfortunately, the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem suffers from an XSS vulnerability within bootstrap_flash. In our example application, we are able to inject and execute JavaScript within the user#show controller method. In the case of our application, these messages include information provided through the application parameters.

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