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Run Contests on Instagram

A good contest can hands down be one of the best ways to drive new followers & activity on your Instagram account. Instagram has the flexibility to allow you to just run your contest on your feed, the advantage buy real instagram followers of this is that it’s easy to setup & encourages participation via Instagram.The disavantages however are they you can’t capture contact information of entrants, it makes it very hard to promote if you already have a limited number of followers & it can be difficult to administer or pick winners (since you have no way to contact them).Here at Gleam our platform allows you to run Instagram contests wherever you like, the main advantages are that you get to capture all your user information (or even send them to Mailchimp), get exposure across other social networks & manage all your entries in the one place.If you follow successful brands on Instagram you’ll notice that many will post offers that are only available to Instagram followers. This enables you to customise (and also track) what types of offers resonate best with your community. It also allows you to attract new followers that are interested in special offers that they wouldn’t see anywhere else.Brand advocates & fans love getting access to sneak product peeks. Instagram is the perfect way to share these with followers., I often see brands teasing people over a few weeks with clues about what might be happening.This is probably one of my favourite techniques, Black Milk Clothing has a Shopify plugin that creates a unique #hashtag for each product. Users can then submit photos of themselves wearing the product for others to see.This creates awesome social proof, increasing conversion rates but also increase product exposure on Instagram.One of the common questions we get asked is how can businesses drive more followers to their Instagram accounts? Well look no further, we’ve put together an indepth guide to help you grow your community like never before.

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Increase Your Hotel’s Instagram Followers With These 3 Techniques

Instagram’s explosion in popularity has attracted many businesses to its marketing and advertising potential. While the social network has long drawn individual users who share images of everyday life with their buy instagram followers cheap friends, its emphasis on visual messages is perfect for hoteliers seeking a unique way to highlight the amenities and perks their properties offer.But, there’s more to a hotelier’s business strategy than simply posting pictures. Savvy hotels are experimenting with ways to share content and promote events to boost followers and get users to attend events in person (where they’re further exposed to the hotel’s brand). And, given that 71 percent of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online, this strategically-crafted content may also be an effective way to draw new followers who are more likely to book a room.We spoke to several hotel and social media marketing experts to discover unique ways hotels are using Instagram to publicize content that increases followers. Here, we highlight their best advice.social media services to hotels. Earlier this year, she served as an in-house marketer at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami. When she first launched the property’s Instagram account, she started with crowd-pleasing photos of the hotel’s food, artwork and sunny poolsides.

Coordinate an Instameet with Influencers to Show Off an Amenity

Crafting a successful Instagram campaign for your hotel means you must be able to convey the value of a new feature, amenity or offer through a person’s computer, phone or tablet. Quality photos and how to buy instagram followers videos can go a long way toward successfully conveying that message.But, what better way to prove the value of your offerings than to invite Instagrammers to visit your hotel, where they can experience them in person? Coordinating an Instameet is a great way for customers to engage with amenities while providing your hotel with promotion via social media. Using a site like Meetup.com, hotels can schedule an event and invite regular Instagram users, or even influential local media representatives and bloggers for greater exposure.Megan Sterritt is an account executive with Hospitality Marketing, a company that provides advertising, public relations and social media services to hotels. Earlier this year, she served as an in-house marketer at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami. When she first launched the property’s Instagram account, she started with crowd-pleasing photos of the hotel’s food, artwork and sunny poolsides.But when the hotel wanted to show off a new offering from its restaurant in July, Sterritt knew she needed to do more than just post a few static—if appealing—photos.“At that time, we were just launching this new tableside ice cream cart where the chef would use liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream,” she says. “We used Instagram as our primary channel of promotion because of Miami’s strong community of food bloggers who use Instagram as their primary social channel of promotion.”

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